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Updated: Jan 9, 2019

When planning your big day I am sure there are plenty of items on your to do list ..

· Date

· Venue

· Music

· Theme

· Outfits

It’s a big project to see through .. but something that many people don’t think about, but which really brings your event to life is the wording and the rituals which take place during the ceremony itself. However the ceremony is often the part people over look – they see that as something that will be done for them on the day and in many non -celebrant services they have little input .. but this is Celebrant led and it’s a whole new world … a world of words ..

The words which declare your love for each other, set the tone for your future communications and in many cases the rituals which bring in your friends and family to be part of the whole occasion.

This is where I can support you. As your Celebrant I will be creating the final service wording , weaving in your chosen readings and music and carefully orchestrating it to meet your very unique needs and wants.

But where to start ?

Here’s some hints and tips to get you thinking.

Telling A Story – it’s always lovely to let people know how you got to be standing in front of them on your wedding day.

· How did you meet ?

· What drew you to each other ?

· How about the proposal ?

Music – there is normally at least two pieces of music included. The one you may walk into and the one you walk out to, but many people have a hymn/ song or piece of music played during the ceremony itself. It good to choose music which means something to you both but here’s a tip – do check the wording just to be on the safe side. Many beautiful songs have very sad words and Halleluiah talks of being tied to a chair in one version ! – a check is always good 😊

Readings – with a civil celebrant you can choose almost any reading – it could be religious or not. It could be a poem rather than specific reading or perhaps an extract from a book. A lot of people choose something from a favourite children’s book such as Winnie the Pooh. You can also ask someone to read it for you who would like to be involved in your big day.

Now for the main event – The Vows – again with a Celebrant you can create your own personal vows. This can feel a bit daunting ( and I will say more so for some men – feelings and such like). It helps to just sit and write about what the other person means to you and what you love about them and appreciate, your hopes and dreams for the future. As your Celebrant I can use this and build them into vows that will capture the essence of your emotions.

Rings – Are You Exchanging ? – as times change not everyone does this or maybe the bride has one and the groom doesn’t. However if you are giving rings then it is a wonderful opportunity to include something special in terms of presenting the ring – will you have someone walk the ring up the aisle ( normally one of the children) . Some people have their dogs carry them in and even owls can be hired to fly them up to you. What does the exchanging of rings mean for you ?

A Closing Ritual – known commonly as a symbolic action there are many ways to demonstrate in a practical fashion the move from individuals to married couple. Many of these include other members of the family – I will be blogging soon on how to bring a blended family together on the day!

Here are some ideas:

  • Sand Ceremony – different coloured sand is poured together to create a mix which can never be separated.

  • Candle Lighting – each person lights a central candle from separate flames to bring the fire together as one.

  • Drinking of Wine from Goblets – a drink is shared between the couple from a ceremonial goblet.

All the above allow you to keep something as symbolic reminder of your day and the vows you made.

So you see alongside all the practical aspects of a wedding day the actual ceremony is certainly something you should consider. It’s that moment when all eyes are on you so take some time and enjoy the creativity that a Celebrant led wedding allows.. creating a ceremony personal and unique to you and your loved ones.

Contact me to make an appointment to talk about your special day.

Alison Moore 07590069332 ( Be Celebrational)

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