Welcome to Be Celebrational!

Launching this blog means that Be Celebrational has become a reality! My life as a Celebrant has officially begun ... and the journey is started. It is a journey which has taken months of study but one that started quite a few years ago, before I even realised what a Celebrant was.

In my other business as a Psychotherapist and a Coach I was interested in the concept of community. The bringing together of people to support each other and learn and share stories. I started several local community groups for women in their areas and have enjoyed so much seeing them build these and shape them, creating lasting friendships.

Through my life experiences and through building my business I have learned the power of having a tribe around you and people to turn to in times of need. As a Pagan I have also looked for groups within which to share my love of spirituality – but for a few reasons I have never quite found the right path.

It was whilst attending a very close friends funeral 18 months ago I discovered that the Celebrant was not as I had thought. My view was that Celebrants were non-religious – Humanist – and although I am always in favour of choice for everyone’s life celebrations, this as someone who had faith and a keen interest in other beliefs did not sit comfortably. However, this Celebrant brought in many different readings, some religious, some not and the service itself was beautiful, personal to the individual and unique.

Image by Sammie Sparke Photography

Whilst searching for the next path of my business I made the decision to train as a Celebrant to work within my community. To say it has met all my expectations is to not give it the weight it deserves. It has been such as affirming journey.

As a Celebrant my role is to support you throughout life’s transitions. To give meaning to your special days and to honour your occasions and those you bring into them. This is an honour for me. At Be Celebrational we are looking to create days that will give lasting memories for you and your loved ones. Life can be short, life can be challenging but life also brings so many reasons to celebrate as we move through it.

I look forward to sharing the ongoing adventures here at Be Celebrational and welcome your questions about how a Celebrant can in turn be part of yours.

With Love and Blessings

Celebrant Alison Moore.

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