Tis the Season To Propose …

The 24th December is the top most popular day to propose in the whole calendar year. I think all women have some view of a proposal at some time or another... whether it’s full of romance and surprise with diamonds involved and swept off your feet, or maybe you are the proposer and are taking the reins…

I recently asked some of my community for their proposal stories and I loved hearing all the varied and beautiful, and frankly sometimes bizarre just wonderful ways people have popped the question.

My last proposal took place in my kitchen ... well part one did anyway. My partner and I had said once we would never get married again, never move in together and never have another child – we already had 4 between us.

But one night whilst I was cooking a goose egg omelette (yes random I know) for his tea, he mentioned he had thought it might be nice if we had a handfasting ... that was it ... no down on one knee, very matter of fact- as is his way (northern through and through)... and I replied ‘ are you Pagan Proposing to me ? ‘to which he replied ‘well I guess I am ‘.

And that was that … until we then decided to go a bit out of order and we decided we would then have another baby. For me being pregnant did not change anything, including us living together. I had raised 2 girls myself, I was very secure in our relationships so on we went for a while.

It was then husband to be thought it might be practical if we did live in the same house. I was secretly very flattered and within a few weeks we were all piled into a large ranch style bungalow – getting used to each other and I do think on each other’s nerves a bit (moving in together with 2 teenagers whilst being pregnant at the grand old age of 40 is not something I recommend for a smooth journey in life).

Finally, after another discussion more on the practicalities of it all and who would be looked after should we both snuff it – we decided to also go ahead and do the legal bit. So, it was 8 months pregnant wearing a tent and tottering across the registry office car park in 6-inch Kurt Geiger’s (the dress was too long for the sensible ballet flats I had bought) that we got wed with a few weeks to spare. My two friends were witnesses and we went to the Harvester afterwards for nice bit of lunch.

… however, when our son was just 6 weeks old, we really did have a ceremony to remember – Wedding Fest took place on a friend’s farm. The sun shone, the priestess and druid were magical, the mead flowed, and I wore my pink wellingtons.

.. and so, proposals come in many shapes and forms … why not share yours with us in the comments … and of course with-it proposal season firmly here ... will it be you popping the question? …

.. and once you do ... don’t forget to book your Celebrant!

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