Every Family Has A Story To Tell..

One of my favourite parts of being a Celebrant is of course the chance to hear the stories of the people involved. Sometimes it’s all about the proposal, how they met and what their life together means for them. Or maybe it’s why they have chosen a certain name for a new family member and the story behind both the meaning and the reason.

Then there is the story of those that have passed on. It’s often only when someone dies that relatives share those stories or discover the person’s past adventures… memories which have been tucked away in drawers that now come back to life in the memory of the person themselves… and so often this is when people say to me .. ‘I wish I had asked them about their life before’ or ‘I wish I could ask them now’.

Whatever the reason telling these stories is always an honour and I love the process of talking to people and then turning their tales, their facts and thoughts into something which can be shared with others.

Because it’s true that every family has a story to tell… adventures from the past, curious incidents , tales of love, of courage and ones which I think are so important ... tales of ordinary people living their lives… these people are connected to us… and our stories shape our family and visa versa… it’s fascinating process.

Recently I have been wanting to provide something a bit extra for those families who have shared – a way of capturing those stories that can be treasured and handed down -re-visited in the future.

Alongside this I have become interested in my own family history... there is something magical about discovering a person who lived years ago and learning about them whilst thinking – I am here because of them ! ‘ – what would they make of the life I lead now?

Finally with this year of Covid-19 meaning many of the ceremonies booked have been put on hold I like many other business owners have needed to think about how to make our business stay viable in challenging and changing times.

And so, I thought ... what if we didn’t wait to share those stories ?

What if we captured those stories now ? Perhaps even decided to ask those questions or share those experiences whilst questions can be asked?

And there we have it - Life Reconnections came to me... a Celebrant service with the added features of Story Telling!

Alongside the ceremonies which mark those special moments there is now the chance to simply tell your story and have it created into something beautiful to share with loved ones. ... and if you need some help tracing your past ... we can do that too. Opening up a world that perhaps has been lost, bringing lives forward into the present and discovering adventures of times gone by. Reconnecting you through the generations.

What stories do you have to tell?

What would you like to capture and share?

What stories have shaped who you are ?

Every family has a story to tell... and we can help you do that.

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