Choosing a Celebrant .. It's a big thing !

The world of Celebrants is growing and as is the purpose of a Celebrant – variety is the spice of life.

The whole point of having a Celebrant conduct your ceremony is to have the ability to choose something which is truly reflective of you and your family and your occasion and your loved ones.

And my fellow Celebrants are all unique in their own wonderful way…. so how do you choose who should take that special role?

In many other situations I would be saying – think about what you want and be guided by your own vision ... but the thing is so many clients I speak to don’t really know what their ceremony could be, they don’t know what they could have so it’s hard to pick someone based on a vision that may not be clear.

A big part of my role is helping you create that vision and bring it to life.

Here’s my thoughts on how to go about selecting a super Celebrant.

First Get A Vibe…

Take a look around. See what they say and what their webpage portrays ... start to think about how you feel regarding the words and images. Don’t worry too much about conjuring up that perfect day. Just start to think about how those words might create emotion and whether you like the tone and look.

Start Reading...

Many Celebrants now blog and as we are all about the words a blog is great way for you to experience more depth in our work. It gives you a deeper connection to how a ceremony may sound.

· Are they quite crisp and clear?

· Are they slightly wordier? (that’s me by the way ... I write whole books, so blogs are one of my fav things 😊!- but short and sweet I am not!)

· Do they reference in ways which create images for you and that you relate to?

Get Talking! …

One of my biggest frustrations is the number of individuals who drop me a short message and then never reply back ... a Celebrant cannot portray what they can do in a reply message. Much better to ask for a call or simply ring direct. The thing is Celebrants are people people , we love to connect – so most of us simply do not mind at all getting a call out of the blue.

We want to hear your ideas and help you start to take shape of your thoughts ... and what better way than direct communication.

Let’s Talk Budget… the elephant in the room.

OK, one of my biggest frustrations is when I get enquiries and they are asking for details and prices and then simply don’t come back. This says, I haven’t look at your website and potentially I am just looking for one which fits my price range.

All Celebrants I know have prices on their webpage… take a look and be honest about what budget you have.

It’s a fact that some will be in budget and some won’t. By doing that simple step you can cut down on enquiries you make, saving you time. Once you know the initial ceremony is in your price range you can start discussing any additions – which again most celebrants are up front about.

For me I don’t negotiate – the prices are as stated … I am clear on what I offer, and I know I give my clients the best possible ceremony, so I don’t take it personally if you choose to select me out based on your budget search. Just make sure you are certain what you are getting for your package when you do choose. I say this a lot - your Celebrant is a key part of creating the magic .. so make you budget accordingly.

Overall do you connect with your Celebrant when you have spoken to them?

They will be in charge of creating one of your most special occasions, so you need to feel comfortable and able to build trust.

Go with your gut is a great piece of final advice. A Celebrant should enable you to relax knowing that all the parts of your ceremony are being taken care of. They guide you in your choices of words, readings and music. They help to support on the day, calming nerves and getting everyone in the right place at the right time.

Your choice of Celebrant is one of the most important choices you will make for your day… so take time and breathe and make the choosing part of the experience.

I am always happy to chat with potential clients so please do drop me a note on

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