Ceremony in Your Community.

Time was family got together on all the big occasions – wedding, christenings and funerals. Time was until, not so long ago, that this was part of the religious ceremony of the family.

Whether you were a believer or a practising member of a faith – you gathered together in the church or equivalent at the key times in life.

Nowadays we live in a highly diverse religious country and we have highly diverse family mixes with differing beliefs within them. People are moving away from organised religion and exploring different ways of expressing their faith or views. Many individuals are now not followers of any belief system and some feel an affinity to more than one. Modern Spirituality sits as viewpoint for a growing tribe of people that express it as how they feel about themselves and treatment of others – rather than a belief in a higher being.

Alongside this our idea of family is changing and evolving. Blended families are becoming the norm, with individuals having more than one marriage in their life time and children from different relationships coming together to form new family units. Families can also be spread over not just many miles but many continents. Extended families are made up of supporting adults, friends and relations.

And so, the traditional ceremony in some ways seems to not fit the needs of this new world.

However, ceremony remains important to us. As humans we are trible beings – looking to create our tribe and to bring them around us in times of need ... and in times of celebration. It is my view as a Community Celebrant that ceremony is now more than ever an important part of our family lives.

Regardless of faith, belief, religion, diversity or family blends – a ceremony does exactly what is needed. It calls out to those within our tribe to say – you and I belong here. We may not be blood related, we may live many miles away from each other, we may sometimes only speak through the digital world. but you and I are part of the same clan. Therefore, when life has something to honour and to celebrate – in some cases life itself, a ceremony is the perfect vehicle for bringing that clan together.

As a Community Celebrant it is my role to facilitate that coming together. To find a way to bring all those different people from different backgrounds into one place and to blend them with the words and stories of a ceremony that create their celebration.

It allows them the freedom to include aspects that represent all those present and make it totally personal to them.

It allows us to have respect for what has passed in terms of traditional ways and to explore the new possibilities.

For more information on how your Community Celebrant can help you create a celebration for your family occasion please do drop us a note here at Be Celebrational…. It’s always an honour to be asked.

Much Love and Blessings

Celebrant Alison Moore.

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