Weddings, Civil Partnerships, Handfasting and Renewals

The coming together of two people is a magical occasion.

Be Celebrational specialises in creating couples’ ceremonies that reflect the importance of the occasion to be marked.

Working with you directly or in liaison with your Wedding Planner we look to bring together all the elements from when your ceremony starts to when we close – and normally the party begins 😊

Our full ceremony Creation includes (£750.00)

  • Initial meeting

  • Follow up meetings to finalise ceremony wording

  • Suggestion of readings and music

  • Contact and selection of Ceremony events such as live music, ring arrival, symbolic actions

    • **does not include addition supplier costs and purchase of items for the events included

  • Ceremonial Certificate Signing and copy.

  • Practise Ceremony as requested

  • Souvenir Ceremony Wording

Our standard ceremony creation includes (£550.00).

**Additional costs for items included in the ceremony such as candles, sand vases etc.

  •  Initial meeting

  • -Follow up meetings to finalise ceremony wording

  • -Suggestion of readings and music

  • Ceremonial Certificate Signing and copy.

  • Souvenir Ceremony Wording

Wedding Ceremony Celebrations - Follows a legal registrar service

Civil Partnership Celebrations - Follows a legal registrar service

Renewal of Vows - Saying I love You All over again!

Commitment Ceremony - For those that wish to commit without a legal binding.

Unique to Be Celebrational

Couples Relationship Discovery Sessions £200 for 3 1- hour sessions (available in person or via zoom) – all material included.

Making a commitment to each other is one of the biggest commitments you make in your lifetime, ensuring you are ready for what life together brings is so important – creating your Relationship Platform.

As an experienced therapist Ali Moore is offering the opportunity to come together before your commitment is made and help you put this platform in place.

  • Do you know each other’s values?

  • Do understand what is important to each other?

  • Have you discussed your future? – work, career, adventures, family?

  • Do you know how you will handle the inevitable disagreements which will occur?

  • Are you a blending family in which there are lots of parties and parenting to consider?

These 3 x 1 hour discovery sessions can be the key to getting your committed life off to the right start.

Handfasting - The traditional Celtic wedding blessing provides a magical opportunity to show your love and commitment to each other.

At Be Celebrational we specialise in this style of ceremony and have trained directly with the Priestesses of Avalon.

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