Celebration of Life and Living Eulogies

Celebration of Life

The funeral does not always enable you to say goodbye as you hoped. Or perhaps having said goodbye you want to remember the person at a later time - when you can focus on happier memories or you have found out more of their life story.

A Celebration Of Life allows you to do this - tailored to your exact wishes you can create a beautiful ceremony which can be held in any location and being together friends and family - to remember and celebrate the person in a very special way.

£250 including creation of ceremony , officiating and memorial copy of ceremony wording.

Living Eulogy

My favourite part of creating a ceremony is hearing the stories of people and their lives. When someone dies I can see how much comfort it brings to those left behind as they discover hidden wonders about the person they have lost. Yet one of the most common phrases said is ' wish I could ask them more about it'. 

A living eulogy is a chance to tell your story and explore your own past - living a legacy for your relatives - sharing the wonder that is you - as a writer there is nothing I feel more honoured to do than sit with someone and capture their life in words. We can also help research and find missing information - ensuring you will never be forgotten - words and stories are what keep us alive in hearts and minds.

£300 - creation of story and printed ceremonial copy